Cassandra O. Lagunzad
Cassandra O. Lagunzad
Writes, Draws, Analyzes

Writes, Draws, Analyzes


About Me

I enjoy drawing, writing and reading.

As an ENTP, and have a constant thirst for knowledge and new experiences. I see improbability as a personal challenge. I frequently enjoy taking things I own apart and figuring out how to put them back together again.

Awards in Writing

Journalism Leadership Award at Heidelberg University

1st for Morpheus Poetry Contest for "Up My Alley"

2nd for Morpheus Poetry Contest for "Paper"

3rd for Wilcox Invitational for Poetry Interpretation

HM for ECC Poetry Contest for "Santa Cruzan"

HM for "Horny"

Awards in Theatre

Best Freshman Female Performance for "Inherit the Wind"

Best Actress in a One Act Play for "The Bald Soprano"

Best Ensemble for "The Bald Soprano"

Alfred T. Hobsen Award for English & Theatre
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